The address of time travel: Safranbolu

Discover Safranbolu

Safranbolu, which is on the UNESCO World Heritage List and home to the so-called “Ottoman fingerprints”, will provide a trip that will allow you to travel in time.

Travel Turkey!

Safranbolu district of Karab√ľk,Turkey which is on the UNESCO World Heritage List and is among the “20 best protected cities”, will take its guests on a journey in time during the holiday with its houses and mansions reflecting Ottoman architecture, inns and fountains.

Due to the fact that it reflects the Ottoman architecture, city life and culture, Safranbolu is known as the “fingerprint of the Ottoman Empire” and resembles an open-air museum with its inns, baths, mansions, fountains, mosques and bridges from that period.

Safranbolu, which is the only place on the world heritage list with Istanbul in Turkey, Incekaya Aqueduct, Mencilis Cave, one of the longest caves in Turkey, glass observation terrace, canyons and nature, while being one of the attractive places of tourism, it is one of the most attractive places of tourism during the holiday. It will host thousands of tourists.

Safranbolu is one of the Safranbol is one of the most well-known places in Turkey. When you come to the Historical Bazaar, every place you step on is history, culture, art… This is the season when people can make the most of these three days and days like these. It should not be thought that it consists only of historical mansions. Safranbolu has a magnificent nature.

Explaining that not only Safranbolu but also other districts are an important tourism center, stated that the Hadrianapolis Ancient City has forests, walking paths and tracks, and areas for jeep safari and motor safari.

Referring to the fact that one of the world’s largest integrated iron and steel facilities is located in the city, “Those who come here spend three very nice days. Recently, hotel reservations and the variety of plates show that we will have a very active holiday.”

One of the most important items in Safranbolu is Safranbolu Turkish delight, a product that has now received a geographical indication. Reservations are almost 100 percent. It also affects the places that we will consider as sub-sectors in Safranbolu. Turkish delight production has also reached the highest possible level.

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