Artvin’s Papart Valley is a wonderful travel destination.

Papart Valley is a wonderful travel destination.

Turkey, where traces of ancient kingdoms can be found and the address of historical and cultural tours, is also a very rich region in terms of nature tourism. It is only one of these addresses with its magnificent nature in Papart Valley.

Papart Valley is a wonderful travel destination.

With the arrival of the autumn season, places to visit in Artvin have become everyone’s favorite. Papart Valley is a place worth seeing at the travel address that takes on magnificent colors this season.

Papart Valley, which is a ‘Natural Protected Area’ in the Şavşat district of Artvin, resembles fairy tale lands. In the valley, where the natural texture is intact and the wood architecture unique to the region is located, the quality forests fascinate them.

Papart Valley, located in Meydancık Village in Şavşat district of Artvin, was declared a ‘Natural Protected Area’ in 2010. Papart Valley is located 50 km from Şavşat district, which has the title of ‘calm city’, which is described as Turkey’s hidden paradise

The valley, which has a rich potential in terms of natural resource values, draws attention with its natural old forests, monumental trees, richness of flora including many herbaceous and woody plant species, streams and waterfalls away from intensive forestry activities.

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